6 Month Gift Subscription and a Hoodie

6 Month Gift Subscription and a Hoodie


  • Horatio Nelson Trafalgar Hoodie

  • Napoleon Bonaparte Hoodie

  • Henry VIII Historical Tudor Hoodie

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  • Elizabeth I Hoodie

6 Month Subscription and a Hoodie

A 6 month Subscription to History Hit gives you access to 1000s of historical documentaries and podcasts on demand. Included are interviews and programmes with leading presenters such as Dan Snow, Professor Suzannah Lipscomb, Ray Mears and Dr Cat Jarman. Your subscription will be activated within 72 hours and your will receive an email with login instructions. If this is a gift for someone special, then please stipulate their email address, date you want it activated and their name in the Order Notes.

When purchasing a 6 month subscription, you can also choose an item from the below list. Choices range from our historical hoodies to an ‘On This Day in History‘ book written by our very own Dan Snow. It’s possibly the best deal in history.

Important: In the order notes, please write the name and email address of the recipient, the date you would like them to receive it and who it is from.

The recipient will then receive an email on how to activate their subscription on the day you stipulated.

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