Alexander the Great Mosaic Face Covering

Alexander the Great Mosaic Face Covering


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It’s back – with a twist. Our best-selling Alexander the Great face covering has been transformed into a mosaic as well! Feel like you too can conquer the world every time you step out of your front door.

Key Facts:

  • One-size – Adult.
  • 100% Viscose
  • Machine Washable
  • Double Layered

We are unable to accept returns on face covering.

This Alexander the Great mosaic was originally discovered in the House of the Faun in Pompeii. It depicts the Battle of Issus, fought around 5 November in 333 BC. In this battle, Alexander defeated the forces of the Great King Darius III. On the right hand side of the mosaic Darius is pictured fleeing on his chariot. Alexander is visible on the left, riding Bucephalus and leading his companions in a charge against Darius’ surrounding soldiers.

The detail of the piece has ensured it remains one of the most famous and most beautiful mosaics in existence. Alexander himself is wearing an intricately-detailed leather cuirass, called a linothorax. The head of Medusa is visible at the centre of the cuirass.

History Hit takes no responsibility if you turn awing onlookers to stone when wearing this mask.

This covering will arrive at Castle History Hit in approximately 2 weeks. 

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