Battle of Agincourt Signed Print

Battle of Agincourt Signed Print


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Relive the heroic feat of Henry V and his heavily outnumbered army at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415! This print, painted in an early 15th century manuscript style, depicts close quarters combat on the battlefield between English and French Knights.

Key Facts:

  • Interior design image is not representative of print’s actual size
  • Print size 420x594mm (16.5×23.4 inches). Unframed.
  • Each Print is hand signed by the artist, Matthew Ryan

The Battle of Agincourt, arguably the most famous battle during the Hundred Years’ War, resulted in a resounding English victory. Henry V arrived at the battlefield in Northern France with an army of roughly 6,000 troops, compared to the French army of 20,000 men, led by Constable Charles d’Albret.

Despite being horrendously outnumbered almost 4 to 1, Henry’s army were able to suppress the advance of the French knights and cavalry, utilizing their position to bombard the advancing troops with a hail of arrows. Their longbowmen were protected from the French cavalry by a line of pointed stakes and so had free reign to fire upon the enemy at a distance of 250 yards.

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