Battle of Crecy Signed Print

Battle of Crecy Signed Print


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Relive another famous Hundred Years’ War clash with a print of the Battle of Crecy in 1346! This print, painted in an early 15th century manuscript style, depicts English Longbow Archers combatting Genouese Crossbow men on the battlefield in Northern France.

Key Facts:

  • Interior design image is not representative of print’s actual size
  • A2 full colour print. Unframed.
  • Each Print is hand signed by the artist, Matthew Ryan

The Battle of Crecy took place on 26 August 1346 in Northern France between a French army commanded by King Phillip VI and an English army led by King Edward III. Under Phillip’s command, the Genoese crossbowmen had led the assault, but they were soon overwhelmed by Edward’s 10,000 longbowmen, who could reload faster and fire much further (250 yards!).

After the crossbowmen retreated, French mounted knights attempted to penetrate the English infantry lines. In charge after charge, the horses and riders were cut down. Nearly a third of their army lay slain on the field, including Philip’s brother, Charles II of Alencon. Philip himself escaped with a wound. English losses were less than a hundred.

The battle marked the decline of the mounted knight in European warfare and the rise of England as a world power. From Crecy, Edward marched on to Calais, which surrendered to him in 1347.

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