Catherine the Great Hoodie


Catherine the Great Hoodie

£34.99 £15.00


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Get one up on your male counterparts and make your mark as a female ruler to be reckoned with in our Catherine the Great hoodie. We’re pretty sure she was wearing one when she orchestrated the coup d’etat against her husband which landed her with the snazzy title of Empress of All Russias (although it should be said we can’t guarantee the same can be said for you).

  • Much, much more practical than wearing 18th century court dress
  • Made from high quality polyester. Lightweight and breathable material, with no need to iron.
  • Full colour print front and back
  • Design will not fade (unlike the Catherinian Golden Age)
  • Guaranteed to receive plenty of compliments!
  • Add a magisterial hand made crown to complete the regal look
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