Hawker Hurricane MK I (Download)

Hawker Hurricane MK I (Download)


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Want to find out more about the main fighter plane used by the RAF during the Battle of Britain? Get this ‘Hawker Hurricane MK I’ three-view drawing and you’ll become an expert!

Key Facts:

  • Image measures 400mm x 300mm
  • High Quality, High Resolution
  • Includes detailed facts and statistics about the aircraft

The Hawker Hurricane, produced in many variants, was actually the most use Allied fighter plane in the Battle of Britain. While slower and less agile than the Spitfire, one of the Hurricane’s saving graces was that it was known to hold up better against enemy fire.

In the Battle of Britain, they helped provide cover for the Spitfires, taking the brunt of the damage as the Spitfires moved in for the kill.

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