Henry V Plantagenet Hoodie


Henry V Plantagenet Hoodie

£29.99 £24.99


Size S suitable for children. Sizes M-2XL for adults.

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14 medieval Kings of England never wore it better because this hoodie is pure Plantagenet regalia. A unique 3D printed hoodie with the coats of arms of both England and France.

Key facts:

  • Made from high quality polyester. Lightweight and breathable material which is effective against freak hailstorms*
  • Full colour print front and back
  • No need to iron – comes out of The Wash ready to wear (just don’t mention King John’s baggage train)
  • Design will not fade (unlike the Plantagenet Dynasty in the 15th century)

*Edward III’s army was dominant in France in 1360 until a freak hailstorm on Easter Monday ruined everything. The storm was so destructive that he believed it was an act of God and sued for peace with the French. Note, this hoodie may provide some protection against such a storm, but it is probably worth investing in a (chain mail) coat. 

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