Henry VIII Historical Tudor Hoodie


Henry VIII Historical Tudor Hoodie

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The man, the monster, the myth, the legend. Golden prince or tyrannical Bluff King Hal? Channel your inner Henry VIII in our regal hoodie. Based on Holbein’s famous portrait of the most famous king of England, this one is sure to be a hit with the ladies…

  • Made from high quality polyester. Lightweight and breathable material with a bit of stretch (useful for all those 10+ course banquets)
  • Full colour print front and back
  • No need to iron – comes out ready to start jousting in.
  • Design will not fade (unlike Henry’s dreams of a male heir)
  • Much, much more practical than wearing plate armour to the pub
  • Dries super-duper fast
  • Many peasants will compliment you on how cool you look. They will probably call you ‘Your majesty’
  • Combine with a knitted knight’s helmet hat or fetching hand made crown to complete the kingly look

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