Historical Tea Towels

Historical Tea Towels


Bloody Mary Historical Tea Towel

Julius Caesar Salad Tea Towel

Henry VIII Historical Tea Towel

Birth of Venus Tea Towel

Marie Antoinette 'Let Them Eat Cake' Tea Towel

Napoleon Historical Tea Towel

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Truss up your turkey, steam your Christmas pudding and crack open the champagne in style, safe in the knowledge you’ve got one of our historical tea towels to clean up afterwards with.

  • Featuring 6 different designs so you can best match your kitchen style to your tea towel.
  • Napoleon. Le Petit Corsaire was quite the chef*, pictured here with his favourite French bread, le baguette.
  • Botticelli’s Venus. She finds a plate much handier to cover her modesty than simply her hand, and this tea towel will cover you up nicely should you find yourself caught in a compromising situation.
  • Marie Antoinette. A no-brainer for those of you who like cake and historical tropes.
  • Henry VIII. The man had a 52 inch waist by the time he died: he knew how to eat well. Feed up your guests Henry VIII-style and tidy up with one of these tea towels.
  • Bloody Mary Tudor. Was the drink named after her? Who knows – but it’s a cracker. Tastes even better if you know you’ve got one of these to tidy up any spills.
  • Julius Caesar. The Caesar Salad definitely was NOT named after him but hey, it’s too good a pun to resist.
  • Machine-washable (handy!) and full colour.

*We have no evidence Napoleon could cook.

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