John Hancock Revolutionary Hoodie

John Hancock Revolutionary Hoodie



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Feeling revolutionary? We got something just for you! Our new John Hancock Revolutionary Hoodie is a garment suitable in quality and style for a President of the Continental Congress.

We’re pretty sure Hancock wore this hoodie when he signed the Declaration of Independence, so it’s a safe outfit choice if you too want to make history.

  • Make sure you look every inch the Founding Father in a full colour, stylish garment.
  • Made from high quality polyester, full colour print front and back
  • Lightweight and breathable material, suitable for all seasons and situations.
  • No need to iron
  • Will dry extremely quickly (unlike the tea at the bottom of Boston Harbour!)
  • Design will not fade, unlike British control of the Americas.

This hoodie is certainly not “too heavy a piece of baggage to carry through life”, John Hancock famously quoted.

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