Sir Knitted Knight Helmet Hat

Sir Knitted Knight Helmet Hat



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A hat so good that it was knighted.  

Unless you have not left the house recently (very possible with all that’s been going on), you will have noticed that it has got both DARKER and COLDER. This hat won’t help you with the first point, but it will certainly help you with the latter. You will be WARMER if you wear this hat vs. no hat.

Many, many people have told us that this hat is not KNITTED and in fact CROCHET. That is indeed factually correct, but please see the tale of the Knits of the Round table below for more on this important debate.

Key facts:

  • Available in both adult and child sizes
  • Made from acrylic wool – hypoallergenic & easy to clean
  • Adult: head circumference 52cm approx
  • Child: head circumference 48cm approx
  • Our bestselling product

Points about DARKER, COLDER and WARMER aside, this hat is also HISTORICAL, as the label says KNIGHT HAT. But it does kind of look like a ROMAN HELMET too. You get to double up on the history for one single price.

There’s sort of a face covering on it, but it’s knitted, so probably best buy one of our face coverings instead rather than relying on it.

Uncover the legend of the Knits of the Round Table below…

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