Napoleon Bonaparte Hoodie


Napoleon Bonaparte Hoodie

£29.99 £14.99


Size S suitable for children, Sizes M-2XL for adults.

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Napoleon wore this hoodie at the Battles of Marengo and Austerlitz. However, at the Battles of Liepzig and Waterloo he took it off – chucked it away in favour of his favoured artillery uniform… et voila – the rest is history.*

Key Facts:

  • Made from high quality polyester
  • Lightweight and breathable material makes it excellent for a cold day in a cannon battery
  • No need to iron – ready to wear in case of sudden cavalry attack
  • Design will not fade
  • Dries super-duper fast

*Napoleon did not wear this hoodie.

Will you be as cool as the little Corsican? We hope so. Buy this hoodie now for an era of untold Napoleonic ambition.

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