The Hoodie and Hat Bundle

The Hoodie and Hat Bundle


Henry V Plantagenet Hoodie

Bavarian Knight Hoodie

Robert the Bruce Hoodie

Elizabeth I Hoodie

Horatio Nelson Trafalgar Hoodie

Napoleon Bonaparte Hoodie

Owain Glyndwr Hoodie

Henry VIII Historical Tudor Hoodie

Sir Knitted Knight Helmet Hat

Crochet Horned Helmet Hat

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Do you want to be the hottest person in history? Keep warm all year round with the perfect combination – a warm snug hoodie and a crocheted hat. This is the perfect gift for a history lover, or a gift for yourself if you are said history lover.

Choose any hoodie and either of the crocheted hats and look like a legend.

The hoodies are the perfect regalia for any history lover we have a selection of:

  • Henry V –  14 medieval Kings of England never wore it better because this hoodie is pure Plantagenet regalia.
  • Elizabeth I – Show the Spanish ships where to go with this awesome hitorical item.
  • Napoleon – Napoleon wore this hoodie at the Battles of Marengo and Austerlitz (he definitely didn’t).
  • Nelson – You’ll look like the Admiral himself, totes ready for naval victory.

Add the choice of crocheted hat:

  • Horned Helmet – Perfect as a present, or just as everyday wear – snug and rather cute
  • Knight hat – You will be WARMER if you wear this hat vs. no hat.


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