'Women of Britain Say Go' World War One Propaganda Poster

'Women of Britain Say Go' World War One Propaganda Poster


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Women of Britain say “GO” buy this poster! Add this to your wall and your HOME FRONT will stand strong. Trust us, after a few weeks locked in with your partner, the message will become all the more potent…

Key Facts:

  • A2 size portrait full colour poster.
  • Unframed.
  • Great for classrooms or for brightening up your house.

This poster was first produced by Edward Kealey in 1915 for the First World War British army recruitment campaign. It was indicative of a new approach employed by recruiters to encourage the British male to enlist.

Rather than using a simple call to arms, the poster pictures the women of Britain as defenceless and in need of protection whilst at the same time appealing to them to press their menfolk into service for King and Country.

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