'Lord Kitchener Wants You' British Propaganda Poster

'Lord Kitchener Wants You' British Propaganda Poster


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‘Lord Kitchener Wants You’…. to buy a ‘Lord Kitchener Wants You” colour poster! Answer the call today and become the coolest figure in history (guaranteed).

Key Facts:

  • High Quality A2 sized portrait full colour poster. Unframed.
  • Great for classrooms.
  • You might be sent to the Western Front, but that’s OK. Because it will all be over by Christmas…

This image, designed by Alfred Leete (1882–1933), and famous for Kitchener’s pointing finger and the words ‘Your Country Needs You’, became an icon of the enlistment frenzy during 1914 and 1915.

2.5 million men joined the British army voluntarily between August 1914 and December 1915, yet even this was not enough to adequately supply the front line.

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