History Hit Book Club Frequently Asked Questions

When is the cut off date for joining?

Customers are billed on the 7th of the month: you will need to sign up by midday on the 7th in order to receive your voucher for the month. If you join after the 7th, you can still participate in the Q&A and will receive emails and communications from us, but you will not receive the £5 voucher towards the cost of the book.

What do I get from the Book Club?

The History Hit Book Club is a community of like-minded history enthusiasts. The History Hit team handpick a book every month, and then we read it together. We’ll send you regular emails with helpful hints, things to think about, further reading, watching and listening and thoughts from Dan Snow, prior to the live Q&A event with Dan and the author towards the end of the month. You’ll also get the chance to chat to other members and share thoughts about the book.

How do I talk to other members?

Primarily, members use the dedicated forum on History Hit TV for discussion – we’ll create a new thread each month for discussions. You can also join the History Hit Book Club WhatsApp group, which we’ll send you the link to once you’ve become a member.

What if I think I won’t like the book?

Every book is handpicked by Dan Snow and the History Hit team: we choose books we’ve read and enjoyed, covering a broad spectrum of historical topics and periods. We’d urge you to give it a go anyway – you might surprise yourself and the Book Club community is extremely supportive.

Can I submit ideas for the book?

You’re always welcome to email bookclub@historyhit.com if you want to submit an idea for a future book – we can’t guarantee it will be chosen but it will be added to the mix.

How do I cancel my membership?

To cancel, you’ll need to log in to your History Hit Shop account and cancel your membership from there. 

How does the voucher work?

We’ll send you a £5 Amazon voucher towards the cost of the book every month. The voucher isn’t exclusive to the book, so if you already have a copy or want to source one from elsewhere, you can simply use it towards your next purchase or next month’s book. The vouchers do work on Kindle purchases too.

To add you voucher, log in to Amazon, go to ‘Your Account’ and then ‘Gift Cards & Top Up’ – you should be able to copy and paste the code there so it’s applied to your account and you can select it when you reach the Payment page. Otherwise, you can also redeem your voucher at the checkout page.

I can’t make the Q&A – can I still catch up / participate?

Yes: all our live events are recorded and distributed within 24 hours of the event taking place. If you want to submit a question, you can do so beforehand via bookclub@historyhit.com or by posting on the online forum, clearly marking your post as a question. We’ll do our best to ensure your question is asked during the webinar.

I want to make a suggestion or give feedback. How is best to do this?

We welcome all feedback from our subscribers, and kindly ask that you direct Book Club specific feedback to bookclub@historyhit.com.

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