Battle of Evesham Signed Print

Battle of Evesham Signed Print


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Relive the demise of Simon de Montfort with this amazing signed print of the Battle of Evesham in 1265! This print, painted in an early 15th century manuscript style, depicts the bloody scenes on the battlefield located in the West Midlands.

Key Facts:

  • Interior design image is not representative of print’s actual size
  • A2 full colour print. Unframed.
  • Each Print is hand signed by the artist, Mathew Ryan

The Battle of Evesham, which became the culminating battle of the Second Barons’ War, was fought on the morning of the 4 August 1265, between the forces of a number of rebel barons led by Simon de Montfort, Earl of Leicester and the army of King Henry III, under his son Prince Edward (the future King Edward I).

De Montfort’s rebel forces of around 6,000 men were trapped in Evesham by a Royal army of at least twice this number. Despite being heavily outnumbered, de Montfort charged his cavalry into the enemy ranks in an attempt to split the royal forces.

The battle lasted for some hours before finally turning into a bloody massacre. Both de Montfort and his son Henry were killed, along with around 4,000 of his soldiers, as is depicted in this amazing print.

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